Mixed Green Salad

Mixed Green Salad

PRICE : FROM 60.000 IDR 
VAT (10%) and service charge (5%) are not included. Prices may vary slightly between Mevui outlets.

Nature’s Symphony on a Plate: Handpicked Greens by Chef Maria – Mekong Seafood and Grill

At Mekong Seafood and Grill, we’re excited to introduce our ‘Mixed Green Salad’ – a plate of freshness like no other. Picture a delightful blend of crisp and colorful vegetables that are as fresh as can be. What makes our salad truly unique is where these veggies come from – our own hydroponic garden, lovingly tended by our Chef Maria.

Imagine vibrant lettuce, tender baby spinach, and more, all handpicked by Chef Maria herself. These veggies are grown with care and dedication right in our hydroponic garden. This means you’re getting the freshest, tastiest produce straight from our kitchen garden to your plate.

Each bite of our ‘Mixed Green Salad’ is a burst of natural flavors and textures that showcase the beauty of simple, wholesome ingredients. It’s more than just a salad; it’s a taste of nature’s best, carefully prepared by our skilled chef. So, when you order our ‘Mixed Green Salad,’ you’re not only treating yourself to a delicious dish but also supporting our commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Come savor the goodness of our garden-fresh creation at Mekong Seafood and Grill.